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July 29 2012


Samurai Sword UK

The very first samurai swords we're actually straight bladed, single edged weapons imported from Korea and China known as chokuto, which were later substituted for the curved blade variety after the 8th Century. The specific curved blade swords which replaced them was Tachi. The reason behind this modification was samurai discovered that a curved sword could possibly be sucked from the scabbard more swiftly and provided an even more effective cutting angle.

Samurai Sword UK

Samurai Sword UK

The point of a samurai sword is termed a Kissaki. Here is the challenging part of the sword to shine and forge and to hand produce a quality one would require an exceptionally skilful artisan. The value of a sword is decided usually by the caliber of the point.

Samurai would use wooden swords (Bokken) for practice for safety reasons as well as for preserving their real swords from unnecessary damage.

The samurai will give names for their swords as they have confidence in the sword lived their warrior spirit.

You will find three main types of samurai sword. 1: Katana: The longest kind of sword, over 24inches, generally used for outdoor combat. 2: Wakizashi: Around one third shorter than the Katana at between 12 and 24 inches, this is worn in indoor establishments by samurai because of its obvious better manouverability indoors. 3: Tanto: A small knife utilized in very similar manner like a Wakizashi.

As part of the samurai sword making process a sword tester took the new blade and cut from the bodies of corpses or condemned criminals. They started by cutting through the small bones from the body and moved up for the large bones. Test effects were often upon the nakago (the metal piece attaching the sword blade to the handle).

Shogun may be the name of the very powerful samurai, and they would wear two samurai swords. A Katana and a Wakizashi. They'd permission to dismember anyone who offended them.
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